Until NOW, there has been no “functional” nippers/SLS cap offering sun protection, that is, a cap with a peak which can be worn underwater and whilst swimming, as well as on the beach.

Hidden Peaks (patent pending) is a uniquely designed peak that is attached to all nippers/surf lifesaving caps, providing much needed sun protection. The peak is worn extended when on the beach and can be flipped inside the cap when in the water. Taking only seconds to insert, the peak conforms comfortably to the shape of the head, allowing the person to dive underwater unhindered without having to untie or remove the cap from the head before swimming. The transition both in and out is fast, easy and effective.

Hidden Peaks can also come with optional Rear Sun Protection Flap which covers the ears and neck, providing further sun protection. The peak can be inserted into the cap as normal. The Rear Sun Protection Flap does NOT affect visibility and can remain out whilst swimming and diving in the water, or tucked within.

Being sun safe has never been easier! We can now responsibly protect our kids, friends and families from these serious problems, whilst upholding the strong and proud tradition of Surf Life Saving.

I believe that this is an investment in beach safety and our future, and a turning point in sun awareness in the nippers program.

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Hidden Peaks radio Interview with 4BC

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